Shaky Floors? Cracks in the Walls or Foundation?
We have a solution!

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The PCO Supply Adjustable Floor Support
  • Made from heavy duty concrete
  • Easily adjusted to required heights
  • Available in sizes: 6", 9", 12", 17", and 21"
  • Specifically designed to stand securely and to remain stationary after installation.
  • Reduces floor sag
  • Improves door and window alignment
  • Decreases floor separation and basement wall cracking
  • Structure stabilization
  • Easy readjustment if further destabilization occurs

PCO's Heavy Duty Adjustable Floor Supports reduce the instability of structures caused by aging and usage. They can also be used in any crawl space building or mobile home.

We are your headquarters for help in solving these problems along with other services we offer, so be sure to call us if you have any floor or foundation problems.

You can trust us to help solve your problems at a price that is reasonable. 

Great support for only $70 each!

Key Benefits

•• Multiple uses: in business, home, construction, nursery, outdoor recreation area, garden
•• Simplifies the procedure of preventing soil moisture from damaging beams, joists, and floors
•• Sharp point easily deflects any small stones and similar items
•• May be installed by hand or hammer
•• Less likely to bend than traditional nails or staples
Floor Support Installation Instructions

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$70 each.

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