Poly-Turf Spikes - Landscaping Spikes

Need an all-purpose spike for your landscaping needs? PCO Supply’s Poly-Turf Spikes are the perfect solution. The one-piece, 5-inch ring shank nail is your go-to spike that can be used for hundreds of applications. Keep your materials in place, and make sure they will stay there with the Poly-Turf Spike.

Landscaping involves a never-ending list of challenges. From weather-related issues to rocky ground and soil drainage, landscaping requires diverse, flexible and reliable products. Landscape fabric, landscape plastic, edging, irrigation, erosion control fabrics, weed barriers, pet fences, or dozens of other applications, the Poly-Turf Spike will get the job done. Sure, there might be other options, but, if you want a quality and professional installation that is done right the first time, the Poly-Turf Spike is what you need.

Many problems can be traced back to poor soil conditions. These conditions could be caused by a number of things such as heavy traffic, a lack of organic matter in the soil to support the microbes, or puddles of standing water due to poor drainage. More often than not, soil compaction results from the above conditions. These problems can be solved through various solutions such as erosion control fabrics, weed and pest barriers or irrigation techniques which involve the strategic and secure placement of soil enhancing materials.
Variable soil conditions affect how a spike will drive. Rocky ground can easily bend or break some spikes, but Poly-Turf’s steel ring shank nails are strong enough for the toughest ground. The sharp points easily deflect small stones and other obstructions.

Another great feature of the Poly-Turf Anchoring spike is the ring shank design, which provides greater holding power. The small "threads" cut on the shank of the nail act as wedges to keep the nail firmly in place so that it cannot pop out. Although they can easily be installed by hand or with a hammer, ring shank nails are designed to hold and are not easily removed.

The one-inch cap on the Poly-Turf Spike dispenses the surface pressure reducing the chance of landscaping materials coming loose or pulling through. The last thing you want is to see is your landscape fabric sliding down the bank into the driveway. The Poly-Turf Spike is the only spike for the job.

We all have experienced how difficult it is to complete a job when you don’t have the right materials. Products designed for a specific purpose make the job so much easier, not to mention the time-saving advantages. We know your time is valuable and are confident that using the Poly-Turf Spikes will be one choice you will not regret. Here are a few reasons why:
  • installs easily by hand or with a hammer
  • will hold up to extreme outdoor weather conditions
  • much stronger than heavy plastic or aluminum spikes
  • won't shift during harsh weather or heavy traffic
  • clean, finished appearance

Poly-Turf spikes are an essential part of many landscaping solutions.

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