Poly-Turf Anchoring Spikes

There is a reason PCO Supply’s Poly-Turf Anchoring Spikes have been a favorite of pest control companies for years. The one-piece, 5-inch ring shank nail can’t be beaten when it comes to keeping vapor barriers tight and secure.

Pest control companies know that damp areas attract unwanted insects and encourage the growth of harmful mold and mildew. Moisture control is an essential element of any healthy home, and vapor barriers offer a great solution. Installing a vapor barrier in a crawlspace can come with all sorts of challenges depending on several factors, including the type of ground and obstacles such as floor supports. Having the right materials and tools for the job is a must. Poly-Turf Anchoring Spikes will assure a quality and professional installation that is done right the first time.

Although very few people will venture into a crawl space to admire a newly installed vapor barrier, the final appearance matters to the homeowner. A clean and tight fitting barrier reflects a job well done and will speak volumes about the quality of the product your company delivers. A good fit is essential. Tight curves or circular designs are not a problem with Poly-Turf Anchoring Spikes. By placing spikes in close increments along curves, a close fit is easily achieved.

Variable soil conditions also affect how a spike will drive. Rocky ground can easily bend or break some spikes, but Poly-Turf’s steel ring shank nails are strong enough for the toughest ground. The sharp points easily deflect small stones and other obstructions.

Another great feature of the Poly-Turf Anchoring spike is the ring shank design, which provides greater holding power. The small "threads" cut on the shank of the nail act as wedges to keep the nail firmly in place so that it cannot pop out. Although they can easily be installed by hand or with a hammer, ring shank nails are designed to hold and are not easily removed.

The one-inch cap on the Poly-Turf Spike dispenses the surface pressure eliminating the common holes and tears created by a smaller nail head. A damaged plastic barrier that has pulled away and is no longer secure creates problems later on that could result in having to replace the entire barrier. Don’t leave any room for error. Use the right spike for the job, the Poly-Turf Anchoring Spike.

Providing top-quality materials and services is an excellent way to give value to your customers. Provide detailed information about the materials you use and why. Help them understand how a vapor barrier can make their lives better by:
  • preventing harmful mold
  • insect prevention
  • rodent control
  • preventing wood rot
  • reducing heating and cooling costs
  • cutting down on dust

In this age of information, your customers want to be informed. They want to know the how and why of the services they pay for, even down to the type of spikes that are used. By sharing your expertise, you become a trusted source of information in the field, and your customers will spread the word.

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