Installation Instructions

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Using Present or New Wood Frame
Simple and Practical

In your shipment, you should have:
1. PCO Access Door
2. Installation kit including screws and instructions

Items that you will need:
  • Hammer
  • Fine-toothed Saw
  • Screwdriver (Powered is recommended)
  • Sawhorses
  • Spray Paint
  • Tape Measure
  • Gloves
  • Safety Glasses
  • Silicone Caulk

Items that you will NOT need:
  • Weather-Stripping
  • Glue
The PCO Access Door when installed properly eliminates the use of these products.

1.  The PCO Access Door and frame will fit openings from approximtely 20" by 26" to 30" by 48". The door is 18" by 24"
2. Remove the existing door if applicable. (Be sure to remove all old screws, nails, excess caulking, etc.)
3. If the present door opening frame is made form treated lumber and is in good condition, properly fitted and square, you can install the plastic PCO Access Door without much added work. If a new frame is required, use treated lumber. Install and inset the new wood frame at least one inch from the font of the edge of the house or structure's opening. Once the wood frame is installed, fit the PCO Access Door against it. This should assure you of a good fit. Note: that the frame must be square and must fit flat. The door will not fit properly and seal if the plastic frame is installed in a bind.
4. Measure the crawl area opening vertically and horizontally.
5. Cut the PCO Access Door frame 3/16" smaller than the opening on all sides. This will allow the PCO Access Door to easily fit against the wood frame. When cutting the PCO Access Door frame, be sure to cut equal amounts from each side so the fit will be true and balanced. Always "test fit" the PCO Access Door before securing it to the wood frame with the screws provided. After installed, caulk the edges where the PCO Access Door frame meets the wood frame. (Suggestion: At this time, make sure any protruding obstructions such as nails or wood splinters have been removed. Removing them later is much more difficult.)
6. For a three sided frame, remove the two inch (bottom) threshold from the PCO Access Door with a fine tooth saw. This is needed to make for a smooth access entrance. Follow safe procedures including wearing safety glasses and taking other safety measures when using hand or power tools.